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April 9, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Various answers to lesser known Baudrillard critiques

I have not heard this argument, but am going to make some assertions based on a very minimalist interpretation of Baudrillard. For context: I did cut his book (Simulacra) & cut some answers (from a volume edited by Kellner).

I’m going to make the case for 5 different arguments:

Impact turns. The distance is good. We need distance to make decisions about ourselves and others.

I’m curious if the perm would be distance & the alternative. This would give you 2 perspectives, which theoretically could create better problem solving.

Baudrillard takeouts.
a) You can probably assert this, but he’s rather theoretical/ivory tower.
b) And the “subaltern” or the other and his/her perspective really isn’t included.
The Baudrillard takeout I was thinking would focus on that his philosophy causes distancing. Ideally you would include his worldview as part of the argument. Basically this would be a performative contradiction, with multiple levels of implication.

Or….there are some authenticity turns. The search for the super authentic is flawed.
His argument here as well as his copy of a copy of a copy type argument is about authenticity in one sense. The attempts to achieve pan-ultimate-authenticity are flawed & harmful. I forget what the warrants to this argument are.

Clarify what they are calling for (aka what types of media/images/representations would better fit the K).
a) This seems to be calling for Sally Struthers style images of the “real.” Right–instead of getting a bad perspective due to distance…..we get very close. There is zero intrinsic advantage from being close.
b) there is a double bind. I’m not sure what kind of images Baudrillard would call for that he wouldn’t critique. His argument is a cul de sac. An intellectual dead end. (he wouldn’t be happy with narratives, hege good, hege bad, or your irony–theres no way out of his system except either paralysis, silence, and apathy. That alternative is worse.) At least the permutations gives you chance.

* I do worry that you probably link in some ways to these ivory tower arguments perhaps. So, it may be that authenticity turns are a better option.


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