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April 4, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

How to beat technology and consequentialism bad arguments

Yeah my gut reaction is that transhumanism probably isn’t consistent.

Networks theory just seems to be systems theory in drag or “you must look at the big picture”
• Is that all it is? What more is it?
• How does the alt solve? What does solving even mean?
• How might that make it easier for the aff to perm?

The last card seems to be odd. I guess I see its utility.

The internal link on “bad ideologies can do bad things” seem pretty nebulous (aka no internal link). Every aff is taking on the ideology of the status quo too. Or has some ideology (ethics/racism/otherization) that they take issue with.

Here are a couple of arguments I would think seriously about running against you.
It would seem utli good would be an answer.

1. It seems though that using utilitarian logic to say util bad….seems a bit paradoxical.
And I’m sure you’re other argument also will use utilitarianism–particularly if you run DAs, but Ks as well.
So perf con with implications.

2. I would read consequentialism inevitable from one of the security/Heidegger authors (the name is escaping me).

3.I would read the card from DIssent about responsibility.

4. How do scientists determine if technology is good/bad for nature. I don’t know….consequences and cause and effect. Ergo, medicines, renewable energy, etc…which tradeoff with coal and oil.

5. Also, empirically, historically, and pragmatically it kind of works.

6. I would probably read an alt-caus to own your root cause claims.

7. Hege good historically.

8. Nanotech solves your impacts.

9. Growth/Tech solves your impacts. 3 reasons.

10. Alternative ethical frameworks fail. = paralysis.

11. Tech can be bad, that just proves human intent is key. [I would want a card here, because it feeds part of your argument]

11. Rule utlility checks the problems associated with utilitarianism (this probably doesn’t answer your argument, but could be used at some point to check back some of your tech bad arguments)

Not saying anything of the above is a killer argument….but I would think about them before running the argument.


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