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April 2, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Performative Race Affirmatives: Emporia versus Northwestern in the NDT Finals

You can find the debate between Emporia and Northwestern in the finals of the 2012 to 2013 National Debate Tournament here on Justin TV

1. Didn’t see the auto-biographies DA/Turn coming (autobiography cooped? or bootstrapping = radical individualism)
2. Or the body being coopted (they make a body/theory distinction on he aff)
3. Democracy requires leaving the comforts of your confines & coalition building

Torquis evidence from the 1NC.
1. Forfeits civic engagement
2. Forfeits ability to deal with systemic issues (focus on individual stories, etc. versus systemic ones.)

impact of uninformed political engagement

various other stuff about dialog & identity politics.

2NC overview that (partially) answers the “you don’t have your hands on the levers of power argument.”

UDL proves the models aren’t mutually exclusive. Can achieve African American liberation in the context
of policy debate.

You have to get out of your own space for empathy.

Debate is bigger than any one perspective (???)

Galloway evidence (presumably Ryan). Better advocates.

Keller evidence

Voting for them versus against them. Tying them to wins & losses is not constructive.

Conklin. Can include narratives (effectively) in other ways.


Fails in broader spill over (???)

Their framework requires you to negate personal identity which uniquely turns their impact (???)


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