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March 30, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Latin American Engagement Debate Topic & the Critique

Part I: the Arguments, Authors, & Fields of Thought

Development discourse (variations on this argument). Escobar was one of the first authors. http://en.wikipedia….Arturo_Escobar_(anthropologist)
Various anthropological criticisms of our encounter with the other in Latin America (various anthropological methods as alternatives or affirmatives possibly)

Latino/a theory (lexis law reviews). This literature is a spin off of the critical race theory literature. It seems to speak to the issue of borderlands a lot–so mixed identities.
Other arguments why trade deals are hegemonic (imperialistic, hegemonic, & capitalist in nature).
Various arguments why globalization/capitalism, etc.. is bad
Probably the intersection of race & security studies (ie the latino/a version of realism bad). Although it may just be more Jim George. My guess is Millenium & Alternatives & other stuff you’d find on JSTOR might speak to Latino/a specific issues.
Local culture, local knowledge, local economies (in Latin America)–versus globalization & US trade/products, etc… (the outsider will spoil/crush/corrupt the local)

Post-colonial studies (margin & center)
Pablo Friere (on liberation)
Chicana Feminism/Latina feminism

Here are some possible other authors I came across:

Yet the works of Rama, Cornejo Polar, Ortiz, Carpentier, Benítez-Rojo and others should be used in dialogue with the works of Said, Spivak, Guha, and Bhabha, and also in connection with the new criticism coming from Chicano and Latino Studies.

The west is the best
Western guilt bad/multiculturalism bad
North/South Polarization & Dualism bad (probably)

Part II:

Sounds like most of those are anti-capitalist…..although a number are certainly anti-imperialist.

Your vote is for not influencing & effecting Latin America???? If a geneaological account of capitalism yields anything… that what came BEFORE was worse.

Also….same goes for rule of law.

I realize that we don’t have a perfect foreign policy. If your alternative can fiat people to be perfect….well then thats kind of abusive. Most of the America was bad in the past assumes a decade or more ago.

Also….if you’re argument is that captialism = bad stuff…that just means its unaccountable. People without accountability often do bad stuff. That holds true for your alternative too.

Update: Sorry, if I would have known this was in the K forums….I’m not sure I would have replied quite the way I did.
I clicked from the home page to this thread.


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