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March 28, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Ban the War on Drugs in Mexico Affirmative and Negative Thoughts

1) Well….I might look here:

Its the most comprehensive list I’ve seen. It includes historical/contextual examples of constructive engagement.

2) In controlling our own violence or disorder…….I think you might have a topicality interpretation. If you combine it with one of those listed above.

3) Also, you might think about the ways the existing war on drugs is anti-thetical to “economic engagement”–such that a reversal of that policy
makes our policy more akin to economic engagement. (ie we are a reversal of our anti-economic engagement policy”

For instance, very similar to #3 above. Our current policy is anti-agriculture (ie killing crops or so I would imagine given what I’ve heard about it) & anti-business. (although whether that type of argument is pro-business or not is probably up for debate….ie destroying the rule of law isn’t good for business)

To me, all of the above are legitimate. I think the #2 takes the most critical stance. And its kind of an unpredictable (in a good way) interpretation.

Some of these more creative interpretations might be subject to FX or Extra… be warned. But I don’t think those are terminal problems.

There is the rather large challenge of justifying why we shouldn’t at least try to curtail heroin, cocaine, & other drugs into our country.

The extent to which the country itself would continue with less justice & human rights issue is perhaps another concern. Our cooperation in some cases may serve to
bring justice and human rights to what would otherwise be more corrupt and more violent. (and I don’t have to defend the policy ramifications of my aff will only get you so far–
most folks think you have to answer those things called case turns).

This is probably irrelevant given our current policy-centric understanding of counterplans. But one of the following is an option:
I hate to say it, but the drug legalization counterplan or the selective drug legalization counterplan probably solves better than you–and effectively solves the drug war back.
Admittedly, the perm solves–but I think the counterplan solves 110% or more like 1000%. (I apologize for inappropriately grouping 2 unlike counterplans–I’m not sure
how either would compete entirely–but they are options).


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