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March 20, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Capitalism, Neo-liberalism, and Empire Critique on the Latin American Topic

I think the idea of geneology sounds nice. I think it could keep things potentially interesting.
It does open up a can of worms in terms of what constitutes genealogy….

I would say one major issue is I don’t think your K authors have any idea of what a world without Empire might be or what might fill that power vacuum. For instance, lets say someone in our State Department thought the K was a good idea…..and they refused the influence of corporations (ie no contracts from businesses). What happens in that world to those who depend on trade for their livelihoods? What happens to the coffee growers in south america who ship to Starbucks? Your evidence itself seems to suggest the system of capitalism is bigger than any one decisions–whats to say one decision of refusal is going to be enough or even going to make headway or how would be quantify that headway?????? Are you willing to say those families don’t eat or get health care because you think one decision of refusal will somehow move capitalism enough to make a difference???

You are attached to two actions:
1. awareness/consciousness raising/critique of the system
2. an actual attempt at changing the system–from a terribly ineffective viewpoint (arguably). the academy has been railing against the capitalist economy since Marx. It might be that MLK & the Progressives & people who engaged the system did a better job.

The question might be where are you intervening in the system:
1. at the level of debate & the academy
2. at the level of the USFG/State Department/Diplomacy
3. both

I think arguably the authors are arguing for #3.


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