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March 14, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Super random meanderings about performative arguments and frameworks

Systems and Web. Webs of shared meanings and connections. Hyper-individualism kills the web.
Value of community.

Dance Craze. Harlem Shake.

Utopian Community. Co-working spaces.

Utopian Digital Community. Craigslist or Wiki (I think wiki might be a good example).

Utopian Action. Tweet up for Clean Water in Africa or other mobile-related swarming requires agreement, principles, and communication with common assumptions.

Contrast vesus anarchy and/or da da and/or almost absolute cacophony (Tower of Babel). Ego driven.

When projects don’t work? When movements don’t work? When groups don’t work? What causes that?

Facebook. Or another platform like Twitter or Instagram. (I think I need to pick better contrasts)

Limits, controls, order = good.

Dada as an art and communication form. (link)

Cheating is legitimized. (Agamben, Bare life)

Linguistics, common shared meaning. [don’t know why I can’t seem to find what I want here. I’m curious if something someone like Chompsky talks about or maybe Kuhn on paradigms]

De-regulation (link)

Progressivism (link)

Romanticism (link)

Age of Enlightenment (link)

Science/Rationality Good DA (Also rationality not anti-emotions, its integrative)

Buy a school of fish. Interpretative license.

Corporate loopholes. Cheating. Agamben. (link)

Steal the stage. (Unpaock this)

Bending over backwards (going out of their way to accommodate)

Steroids (unpack)

The fix is in (???) European sports controversy

Reclaiming language

All philosophy has the same roots.

Harper Lee & MLK
(Sci Fi is Racist, or Exclusionary–limits stories to primarily eurocentric characters)

Not sure how this fits, but I think this outlines the difference between dialog and debate.

Reality is really real. You can be realer than real. You don’t need metaphors to say that.

Lessons about the dream.


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  1. Nathan Ketsdever / Mar 19 2013 12:48 am

    Think about metaphors for letting more cases in & how that contributes to facism. Something about how the act of judging makes this inevitable.

    The result of that is:
    1. fairness & justice
    2. facism. social contract.

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