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February 27, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Don’t run from neo-liberalism debates on the economic engagement high school policy debate topic

This was in reply to a thread about Ks….and someone said something about how much of it gets back to neo-liberalism:

Agreed. I think those who understand the arguments on both sides will be well served.

I think some people are going to run from this debate….and they will regret it by 6 weeks or seasons end. You can’t escape it any more than you can escape hege and economy debates on the Transportation topic (even if in the guise of a counterplan or kritic or case turn debate).

The best analogy beyond the Transportation topic I can think of is realism. In order to have securtiziation & CIRT debates intelligently & strategically… need to understand the ins & outs of realism.
I think the neo-lib will be a way to access offense versus alternatives for some seemingly random Ks.

I’m curious, though, how neolib debates will work out in Cuba debates. Current policy is grounded in neo-liberalism & lifting the embargo & the process of engagement (diplomacy) will probably be neo-liberalism……as well as the impact scenarios (aka free trade & hegemony)–aka the rhetoric/discourse/advocacy of the affirmatives. Critical affs here will be in an interesting place…..

What do they advocate? What do they have to advocate for fairness & debatability? Which side stands more against neo-liberalism? Who accesses performative resistance more?


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