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February 23, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

More on…how do you write frontlines for the 2ac?

I should be clear….this is more about some of the thinking process….not so much HOW to write them. You can use the search box in the upper right hand for that….
But I do cover 3 core issues which are helpful here.

• Well which ones have you hit?
• Which ones do you expect to hit?
• Which ones do you expect to hit given your new affirmative?
• Also, what advantages does your new affirmative claim?

Everything in policy related debate relates to
1. offense/defense
2. impacts (size, interactivity, probability & risk, and comparison)
3. degree of access/link,
4. reason/warrant/data (& the other methods of evidence comparison)
5. criteria/filter (ultimate method of adjudication/comparison).

But in terms of this….we need to think about…..offense/defense. The purpose of your 2ac blocks is to create as much (credible/defendable & diverse) offense
in a short amount of time as possible.

Offense is generally of 4 types:
1) Link turns
2) Impact turns
3) Add ons advantages (which could also be more impacts to your core impacts–specifically ones which allow you to access the impact claimed by the disad. Note: this is not reading impacts to their disad)
4) Ethics & K type impacts (k type impacts aren’t viable most of the time–for instance if you are claiming things like hegemony in your aff. its pretty much a no go).

Your answers to disads are going to be of the following nature:

Case arguments. The goals should be to 3 points their answers. Ideally you don’t have to read any evidence.
The only reason you want to read more evidence on the case is if it makes you tricker & gives you more reasons….or they’ve read an argument you can’t answer.

On the case you also want to be thinking in terms of offense & defense.
• What are the turns on the case and what are merely takeouts?
• Also, what arguments on the case do they read that are inevitable (ie you don’t uniquely cause)?


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