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February 14, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Building roads with waste is topical

How is this any different from use a technology to do X?

The aff mandates a process. By definition a technology or policy process will have steps. Pointing out that you have steps is the equivalent to saying “you aren’t a magician.”

I think I would K your interpretation as excluding solving waste streams. We have to view things interdependently. Not sure if I would go for it, but it is the terminal impact of the case.

Building roads is topical. They should get to select how they build them and probably how they fund them.

Thats like saying a space station affirmative wasn’t topical because part of it had to be built on the ground. Or that you selected the materials used.

Specifying is different from being extra or FX. Its transcends the existence of those two narrow minded boxes.


Thats like saying buying or building construction vehicles doesn’t require that you use them for transportation……you could build a real estate development.

Or like saying….renewable energy cells don’t have to be used for transportation.

Technology in fact does have multiple uses.


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