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February 10, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Evidence comparison in policy debate–possible leverage points


1. Priority, Purpose
2. Define (to focus or add nuance)
3. Predictive
4. Comparative (impact, data)
5. Subsumes (level of analysis)
6. data representativeness or selective (risk of data collection error)
7. depth of research & reason
8. credibility (2 levels)
9. recency (2 levels)
10. art of distinction
11. helpful framing
12. redundancy versus variety
13. logical fallacies/causal fallacies/common sense

• imagine (visualize or role play)
• assumptions (types of assumptions)
• preceptive/bias/approach

interpretive issues
critical thinking
strtategic thinking ???
decision making in public policy

comparison & contrast
clarity (optional)
distinction (?)


layers of argument pyramid
3 levels in debate (card, argument, the overall)


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