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February 3, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

How can you compete successfully in policy debate without Lexis-Nexus

Get very good at:
1) Trading for evidence (not begging for evidence….trading for evidence)
2) Optimizing the evidence you have. Know your evidence. Reflect on your evidence. Write blocks you know you will use with your evidence. Be prepared.
3) Researching using Google advanced (and a little bit Google scholar).

I think there is a service available for $100. Thats super reasonable. Thats like $8 a month plus or minus.

Also, just plan on having to buy a politics file. $10 is super reasonable.
In fact, you might just count on buying two–if its justified.

Also, interlibrary loan (the ability to borrow from just about any library in the world from your home library)–its a system among libraries & remote access (being able to access it at home) to the 2 to 3 best databases your local library offers. Presumably something like EBSCO-Host, ProQuest, etc…

Cut everything you reasonably can and divide it up on the squad. The wiki is a HUGE advantage. Easily 1/3 of the cites are to URLs that aren’t behind paywalls.

Optimize for the trips you do make it to a college library or a bigger library.
1. Spend your time well
2. Make sure stuff gets cut & on paper & organized & copied.

Make your negative strategies built on either Ks or counterplans (presumably with a DA net benefit).

If you have to do uniqueness updates (particularly for the economy)….Google news is surprisingly helpful.

*** Truthfully every other answer on here is pretty much an answer to that question.


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