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February 2, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Basic concepts for novices part II

Four components:
• Begin with the end in mind (but using 2ac answers as a filter)
• Offense versus defense
• Competitive intelligence
• What are ultimate values?/Priorities

What is next level?
• Deeper, higher, bigger, more credible, more vivid (specific & clear), more strategic.

• What is my distinction? What is the nuance I can drive home?


How can I get better? How can I improve?
1) Read debates (pros & cons)
2) Read speeches
3) Read philosophy
4) Read the opinion page

How a judge thinks. One of the ultimate filters.

Questions in terms of evidence:
• Whats going on here?
• How do the actors perceive this? How will they perceive this?
• How will they react?
• How can I prove that? (Next: how can I do that optimally?)
• How can I do that credibly?

Comparison, prioritization, analysis/division/example, history, common sense/intuition (experience), & distinction.


Two types:
1. Values/goals/priorities
2. Reasons

Options: Actions proposes
Options: Assumptions or defense of those assumptions

Beliefs-attitudes-and values



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