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January 27, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Random theory argument fragments against the critique

The following are not arguments. They are argument starters or argument fragments. They are to inspire other arguments. Also, focusing your theory arguments on core arguments is important. Running uber-blippy theory frontlines isn’t helpful to anyone really. Making true arguments, with tight word economy, however can be helpful.

1) Reciprocal Fiat

2) Persistent Mindset Fiat

3) Non-mechanical mindset fiat

4) Mindset reversal fiat. 360 degrees of change. 10 degrees. 180 degree change versus

5) Personal choice fiat versus institutional fiat

6) Advocacy double bind
a) in round
b) out of round–abandoning institutions

7) Object fiat-can’t fiat world peace

8) Steal Permutation Ground–this is probably better framed as topical piks are bad–but it could be added. It puts them in a double-bind

9) Agency versus individual. Individual versus institution.

10) Over-determine language. They can’t quantify. Plus empirical solvency.

11) Theory double-bind to make your impact turns stick.

12) Theory double-bind to make case impacts count.

Critiques of roleplaying are stupid
1) social contract
2) distraction from core education. saying you don’t like that education is a nice FYI
3) debate everyone assumes the ability to ask “what if” questions–the inability to do that kills any focus or imaginative ability of the activity
4) but if they think thats bad ground, here’s the DA….(insert Joyner)

* Some of these arguments on variations on the same idea–isolating the type of fiat or change the

** Second the imaginative impact in #3 above–could create tension if not framed correctly (its really dangerous if you are putting limits on their imagination by making fiat abuse claims. Although our assumptions here–may in fact be dubious. Limits could actually help imagination.


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