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January 20, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Six Ways to Implicate the Framework debate on the Critique

Well…I would suggest one which indicts the policy process perhaps or the policy methodology. Or the act of roleplaying.

1) Reps good/Reps Key
2) Role of the Ballot as an academic/educator
3) Roleplaying bad
4) Implications from the cards you are already learning (flawed assumptions & case turn)
5) X key to good policy making
6) Specific implications from the worldview of your K

If you need more than those 6 type arguments to make your argument… might just be doing it wrong.

Other arguments however include:
1. Various types of impact filters or decision-making filters
2. Actually answering the reasons why the aff. says that the policymaking/roleplaying framework makes sense. ***** And having decent frontlines which make this arguments.

Also, I probably would only mention 2 in your 1NC K shell (unless you’re running a 1 off strategy). Even then…you might be revealing too much about your strategy.


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