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January 10, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Why do loses happen?

1. A failure to prepare (read, block, practice, etc..)
2. A failure to scenario plan
3. A failure to box out (prioritize & ball park the other team)
4. A failure to focus (balance).
5. A failure to improve (pattern & innovation)
6. A failure to explain & clarify
7. A failure of team work

Thinking about:
1. internal checklist
2. self-coaching
3. method of problem solving

This could be a flow chart of sorts. It could be a planning & diagnosis tool.

Blue Ocean in debate???

1. How does a judge…judge? (novice & experts)
2. What is persuasion?

A list of debate aphorisms:
1. Everything is an apple or an orange until you compare, contrast, or prioritize.

Debate is about finding common ground. Debate is about finding common ground & clash.

Debate is about going deep. Its about demonstrating better reasoning & understanding & context.

Debate is about looking at things systemically.


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