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January 9, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Answering Critiques of Topicality

GK Chesteron talks about how every choice is exclusive–in his book “Orthydoxy.” Its a book about religion and philosophy. (he also takes on Nietzsche at various points throughout the text)

This makes the impact of exclusion inevitable. So the choice not to exclude or that attempt is still exclusive.

Just make the argument. The focus on only imagination…..trades off with other values.

Orthydoxy is available for free online.
p. 45 to 46 All choice is limits. Artists love their limits.
p. 46 to 47 Criticism of modern radical intellectuals & “revolutionaries”
p. 102 Makes a metaphor about those who try to be intellectual anarchists like the K.

The other way you could spin Orthydoxy or Chesteron is he makes a case that revolutionaries like this aren’t really revolutionary. I’m not sure what the impact of that is except arguably a
turn of their underlying ethos & end goals.

Also, Chesteron is pretty prolific. You could also read other Conservative authors–which will likely point to the need for power in order to protect vitality and the human potential.

In a lot of ways….Chestertons arguments meander kind of like Zizek….but a little denser. Not so much implied–but none-the-less grounded on intuition.

* One caveat, he does make a case for fairy tales and value and wisdom they instill. This might have some tension with the above arguments.

One other way to approach this issue is to look at how entrepreneurs deal with the world. Entrepreneurs make a big deal about focus–CEOs in particular. In order to get progress done you have to choose….you also have to eliminate. You can’t do everything. You can’t study 1000 subjects…you have to study 6 to 12 and go deep on them. Even the most multi-dimesional of people realize that some focus–they can’t be endlessly flagelatting into the wind….prey to the latest intellectual fad. They focus on principles that work–like focus.
1) Progress requires focus
2) Freedom & creativity require focus

There are a number of books in the business section on focus. Also, you could google “whats the value of focus” “why should entrepreneurs focus” “why should CEOs focus”

I recommend you read:
1. other ways to answer the critique of Topicality posts on here.
2. I would also read my posts on framework
3. and answering performative affs & critical affs


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