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December 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Is disclosure good for debate

[I apologize this is just my quick thoughts on this issue….but I think it makes a semi-convicing case…particularly near the end]

Disclosure improves research… its focused more (versus random)……so the little school can actually compete.

Plus little schools compete in other ways:
1. Time & focus of work
2. Hiring coaching (ie assistants)
3. Being smart
4. Very clear focus on the strengths of the debaters

Also one on 4 and one on twelve debate meetings…..versus one on 24. The former affords more practice debates.

It also levels the playing field a bit between those who are awesome at research and those who are ok. It makes this less of a barrier–and makes hard work & preparation more viable for a larger swath of the country. By doing that, it means less famous teams can end up in elimination rounds.

Also, there are various types of disclosure…..its a continuum of options for both aff & neg.

And there is a bit less surprise at the top level…..but….given the greater clash……there is more surprise on the line by line–and more possibility to have more in depth case debates.


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