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December 29, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

The fundamental questions of philosophy and political philosophy

Fundamental Questions I:
• What is true? What is proof?
• What is value? What is important? What is worthwhile?
• What is ethics? What is intrinsically valuable?
• What is the nature of existence? What is the nature of human beings? What is uniquely human?
• What is meaning? What is interpretation?
• What is shared, what is unique? What is objective, what is subjective?

Fundamental Questions II:
• How can we resolve differences?
• Differences of interpretation, value, & interest (best)?
• How can we protect the majority & the minority? Where does that balance lie?
• What is the purpose of government?
• What is the role of government?
• What should the civic space look like?
• What is a citizen? What is an enemy?
• Is freedom more important than security?
• Is utility more important than rights?
• Does utility/consequences trump ethics/morality?

* This is not meant to be an exhaustive list…..but hopefully helpful none-the-less.

Others include:
• liberalism versus conservativism
• order versus chaos
• reason versus emotion (intuition)
• realism versus idealism
• center versus the perifery (majority versus minority)
• environment versus development
• us versus them
• justice, equality, & fairness
• resolving rights conflicts


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  1. Nathan Ketsdever / Mar 13 2013 9:13 pm

    This bleeds a little bit into the worldview discussion.

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