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December 27, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Answering D + G Critique in the 2AC

Someone else suggested these:

Pragmatism/State Good. Rorty/Cede The Political make effective DAs to Deleuze political methodology. Be sure to extrapolate on the existence of the state outside of Deleuze’s conceptualization of it.
Heg Good/Threats Real/Fear of Death Good/Extinction First – Classic, but more Deleuze teams mishandle this than you think and themselves make claims that contradict their own criticisms. If you know a team is only reading Deleuze from a camp file or recieved it from their captain, they probably will not understand how to answer the argument they themselves make against death impacts (For instance, “If death is not an impact, than what is the impact to the K? Why is desiring death bad?”)
Critiques of Deleuze’s methodology – there are good warrants as to why Deleuze politics get co-opted by systems of power he criticizes. This varies from critical positions such as Mann to examples of his literature justifying violence
Identity politics – Deleuze criticizes identity politics as he doesn’t believe in the existence of a stable subject capable of ‘identity’ or ‘identity’ as a definite ontological category, but there are good reasons as to why his views of identity are only possible from a position of privilege. Wilderson makes some great indicts of Deleuze.


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