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December 22, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

More answers to Ks of representation

Sounds like you are looking for answer to K’s of language, here are some citations to help get the ball rolling:

foucault studies

Their reductions of oppression to passive utterances obfuscates the material of people�s lives-trades off with real politics.
Brown, political science professor UC Berkeley, 2001
(Wendy, �Politics Out of History� pg 30, ldg)

But moralistic reproaches to certain kinds AND and names. Don�t mourn, moralize.

Attempts to control speech betrays political for moralism-precludes informed discussions about terms.
Brown, political science professor UC Berkeley, 2001
(Wendy, �Politics Out of History� pg 35, ldg)

�Speech codes kill critique,� Henry Louis AND historically specific social powers.

Linguistic change strategies fail-offending terms will be replaced by ones that seem benign but used the same way.
Zizek, senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology, 1999
(Slavoj, �The Ticklish Subject� pg 253-254, ldg)

Take politically correct probing AND this very act of inflicting wounds on himself.

Suppressing language does not suppress concepts � other words will develop that mirror these abuses
Bewes, Associate Professor of English at Brown, 1997
(Timothy, �Cynicism and postmodernity�, pg 48, ldg)

In this light, to begin to AND the same catachrestic abuses.

Turn-the refusal to turn dominant language against itself is politically paralyzing-precludes critical interrogation
Butler, rhetoric professor UC Berkeley, 1997
(Judith, �Excitable Speech�, pg 162, ldg)

Such dogmatism appears as well AND we keep in question.

Turn�quibbling over undecidable language choices diverts use from real issues and blocks social change.
Churchill, former professor ethnic studies University of Colorado, 1996
(Ward, �Semantic Masturbation on the Left,� From A Native Son, p 460, ldg)

There can be little doubt that matters AND of effecting positive social change.

Turn � The kritik fails and drives discourse underground � censorship does not change attitudes, causing a shift to the private sphere where linguistic and physical violence become inevitable
Gay, Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston College, 1998
(William, �The Practice of Linguistic Nonviolence.� Peace Review 10, n4 (1998): 545-547., ldg)

The pacific discourse that is analogous to AND violence and physical violence.

* You could also look to the Georgetown file on the space topic which was a K toolbox I believe….as well as Marxist takes on this topic–the environmentalists aren’t to up on “language creates reality” crowd either.


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