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December 20, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Even more about answering the critique in the 2nd Affirmative Constructive

For folks that don’t know….can you break down POST?

Yeah…theory is much broader than policy good/critique bad. Vote for us.
1. Double-binds/Performative contradictions
2. Specific types of alternatives (PIKS & conditional/dispositional PIKS)
3. Roleplaying good.
4. Even if we don’t win policy making good…we should be able to access our case impacts for fairness (plus its an impact turn of their alternative….explain).
5. This is more of an impact turn to their framework….but reps focus bad. I think there’s actually more evidence & arguments in this area (although they tend to be variations on the same 3 to 4 arguments).

But….you obviously need to customize it to:
1. the critique
2. the alternative
3. what you know will happen in the block (ie competitive intelligence)


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