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December 15, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Lincoln Douglas debate and the ethic of care

So what do you think other people are going to be reading?

What are the underlying value premises on each side?

I would say: Ethic of care key. I assume this is feminist literature on the ethic of care. Just reading in the feminist literature on the ethic of care should provide the rationale for why its key for establishing ethics.

I have no idea what the ethical theory test is.

That does all beg one question….what does it mean to care? And how can caring serve as a weighing mechanism between two acts of care?

Who should I care more for? Why? What exactly determines what I should care for in a conflict scenario? (This is a who–ie my role and responsibility with respect to them or what question overall–value-wise is relevant and significant)

Why does the ethic of care come first? Before the values the other side will bring up & leverage?

Do I care for the environment or people more? Obviously you have to frame or contextualize that in terms of your resolutional conflict.


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