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December 10, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Why speed in policy debate is bad

You align speed and the ideology of speed with that of capitalism.

Speed in debate is the industrial revolution style reforms for the knowledge era.

Speed in debate is a practice & ideology that spills over from debate too.

Specifically the ideology of speed that says “I can go as fast as I want…..and not care if I’m actually communicating or not…..what impact I have on stakeholders or relevant parties”… part of the ideology that most all left-leaning K authors are talking about…..but specifically Virillo is probably talking about.

The analogies to other sports is fundamentally flawed. Debate is fundamentally a communication and education activity. Understanding is fundamental to that…..if someone debates in another language or only talks in say jargon…..that erodes the activity and participation in it. Its paradoxically…..less efficient in its goals… going faster (past a certain point speed pays negative dividends for competitors, speakers, judges, and outside observers).

This internal link could easily be garnered from Empire.

Its like if you spilled water on your evidence….making the ink run all over the place–ruining 30 to 50% of what was said…..and expected a sound debate to happen in that context.
Admittedly this is a generalization–but for many debates–quite true.

Gut check: if you had to flow or transcribe a debate round…..if you couldn’t get down at least 50% of whats said…..or more like 95% of whats said……something is wrong.
Plus, the acoustics of classrooms only amplify this problem.

* Note this is specifically for someone who is having trouble understanding what is going on.

** also, you have the option of wrapping your argument into your capitalism argument…..or wrapping your capitalism argument into your education argument.

*** Plus there is a certain amount of this argument thats been floating around debate….centered around the idea of access.

**** I’m curious if there is a biological limit of how many WPM we can absorb & hear & understand.


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