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December 3, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Whats the difference between novice and JV policy debates

Novice tends to be more dropped arguments & focused on basic skills.

JV debates tend to have more quality evidence comparison and impact comparison (as well as more interactivity).

JV rounds are a bit quicker….but the read difference I think is the ev. comparison, impact comparison, and a little more advanced and on the fly strategy.
JVers tend to write more of their blocks–and hopefully if not be tournament 1….then by tournament 3….have their frontlines all filed and ready to go for the 2ac.

JVers invest more time and attention to:
1. Read the original articles from their aff.
2. Research more on their aff
3. Follow up on sites on the wiki
4. Read deeper & prepare deeper
5. Building frontlines for the 2NR/1NR
6. Buillding 2ac frontlines.
7. Start understanding more what separates ok debaters from really great debaters.
8. Understand judge feedback better.
9. Can separate wheat & chaff in terms of quality & strategic arguments better.
10. Add-on advantages
11. Offense/defense distinction
12. Start re-writing theory block & devising their own theory arguments.
Start writing more overviews & overviews which pre-empt the opponents arguments better.


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