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December 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What is policy debate

Policy debate is the art of reason giving using a combination of evidence and analysis in front of a judge who renders a decision (and ideally provides feedback).

1. Speed
2. In time limits
3. Based on a resolution (topicality)
4. Strategic like chess (must overcome the mental bias…)

I think there are at least 5 component
1. Prioritization and comparison (comparisons of quality of evidence, argument, implication/inference, worldview, and risk)
2. Reason giving (why…)
3. Context (the big picture)
4. Assumptions
5. Causality & Causal Relationships
6. Ethical argument
7. If-then (hypothesis)

Debate is an art of clash. The debater wants to pick (or force) where the clash will occur–what the biggest impacts are and what is most important to making decisions in the policy context or the judging context.


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