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December 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Philosophical issues in debate and life

Ontology-whats true about the world in which we live?
Platos Allegory of the Cave
Educations purpose is to reveal the non-apparent. (not typical view of education)
Knowledge is enigma
To live a good life & noble character
Plato, Socrates, Aristotle (SPA).
Ultimate reality not in physical, but celestial (in the forms–enduring & perfect).
Material & physical versus conceptual. (in real world–imperfect & corruptable)
Aristotle thought primary reality, but contrast, was material.

Empiricists: Locke, Hume, Berkeley
Rationalists: Decartes
Info only through senses not entirely rational (ie causality or the notion of causality)
Radical doubt–Good philosophers doubt everything (no person but decartes ever tried it–its pretty crazy)
Cogito Ergo Sum–truth of mathematics & the rationality of God (interesting how he pleased both the scientists & the theologians)
Synthetic a Priori: Kant
Late Wittegstein. Language and reality don’t mesh.
Charles Sanders Pierce (also in the US. i.e. animal track is visual image). Symbol. Object. Interpretant.

Cascading Meaning: Rich, Deep, Meaning.

Randomness from Wikipedia on Pierce:

In respect of relation between the Sign and the Dynamic Object, a sign may be either, (i) an Icon (ii) an Index or (iii) a Symbol.
In respect of the Immediate Interpretant, a sign may be either (i) Ejaculative, (ii) Imperative or (iii) Significative.
In respect of the Dynamic Interpretant, a sign may be either (i) Sympathetic (ii) Shocking or (iii) Usual.
In respect of the relationship between the Sign and Dynamic Interpretant, a sign may be either (i) Suggestive (ii) Imperative or (iii) Indicative.
In respect of the Final Interpretant, a sign may be either, (i) Gratiffic (ii) Action Producing or iii) Self-Control Producing.


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