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November 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Why are debaters going deeper with their impacts in their affirmative?

A mile wide and an inch deep.

Some people run away from big impact debates–particularly with their affirmatives. Thats not always wise. Economy, hegemony, and terrorism are very winnable debates….as long as you are ready for them.

I’ve noticed that people are going deeper on hege & economy debates these days. I think there are a couple of reasons. Why do you think thats the case?
1. To deter or be ready in the case of an impact turn debate (both in terms of warrant & impact & scenario)
2. To impact turn K alternatives
3. To answer counterplans–this is particularly the case with hegemony, which can be leveraged versus alternative agents.
4. To capture or outweigh other disads…perhaps like politics.

Four other reasons:
1. Time tradeoff. Each advantage requires reading at least 2 pieces of evidence (in most cases). However, adding one additional impact card can go along way. Also, if you pick the right card….you can get a lot of mileage out of it.
2. Its another way to distribute risk in your affirmative (this isn’t the greatest of reasons….and almost isn’t work mentioning….but it is justified).
3. It makes debates more predictable for affirmatives. It stakes a claim & takes a perspective.
4. It makes it easy to read a one card “add-on” as a way to access the impact. (this is a peculiar reason….but I think it makes sense)

Might there be another reason or rationale or justification for this depth over breadth approach…particularly with the economy or hegemony?

What might be other reasons why an inch wide and a mile deep might be a bad strategy for the affirmative?

How can you make your affirmatives deeper in terms of analysis and impact?

What step are you going to take next to take your affirmative to the next level….by going deeper?


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