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November 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How to answer Plan inclusive kritics (PIKs)

Are you dealing with a policy aff, kind of critical aff, critical aff, or performative aff?

Any specific PIKs?

1. Theory–Conditional PIKs = bad, unfair & destroys advocacy
2. Ks of rep = bad. Butler has some pretty good impact turns in this regard–from her book that has Performance in the title. (it might be in Georgetowns K file toolbox from a year ago….).
3. Sometimes erasure works as a permutation or link out (terror talk & generic he)….and perhaps for Ks of representation.
4. Justify the inclusion
5. Impact turns to the alternative
6. Perm
7. Framework….but usually these Ks kinda function in both world. Ideally you can get to your impacts via the impact turn of the alternative. I tend to think that its difficult to prove this internal link with a reps type K. Although cross-ex may help solidify such links.
8. Ideally historical ways that those types of strategies have been successful (ie have created successful policies….what you use to justify this “historical” evidence varies a bit).

Some combination of the above….not necessarily all at once.


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