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November 28, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

More jive about performative contradictions: Can hippies and neo-cons just get along?

Four ways to deal with this challenge:
1. Link differential is probably the best way out.
2. Alternative solves is another way out. A world of our alternative would solve the problem.
3. Build counterplans that ban stuff….versus create or build it.
4. Even-if stories. Dispositionality. We will always be against the aff they present and/or the resolution.

90% of counterplans usually take a pro-government or pro-power stance……90% of critiques take an anti-government/power/USFG/America/the West stance.

Here is a parallel scenario:

Running Ks and disads together:
1. Economy + Capitalism = tension
2. Hege Good/Leadership Good + Capitalism = tension

Running hippie and neo-con arguments can be strategic.
It generally puts time pressure on the negative.
Alternatively, this almost always results in paradox or contradiction–they usually don’t jive. This can be a challenge when the negative is making arguments about language, rhetoric, and ADVOCACY.

The most prominent way to get around this is claiming an environmental impact (warming, bio-diversity, species) or a specific war scenario. This works best with politics disad, where you have this kind of flexibility. Obviously to win this debate the neg. is most likely also going to have to run a counterplan to minimize the case.

You might do a search on this question…its been handled in the forums during the last 45 to 60 days. Perhaps under “performative contradictions.” I don’t recall exactly.

One caveat I should clear up: I said neo-conservatives….I really should have said “realist” or “neo-realist”. Its a school of thought in international relations (its usually contrasted versus the idealism of the hippie arguments and hippie worldview and hippie way of doing things–although they don’t actually use the word hippie in the literature, FYI):


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