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November 19, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Pair Sharing & Group Activities for Policy Debate Teams

A drill in which anyone can be the next player = engagement. Cross-ex circle game with Koosh ball. Or this can be done with teacher at the front.

Any pair share event means that at least 1/2 the class is acting at once. Actually more…because the other 1/2 is listening.

You can go…..individual brainstorm to pair share… collective brainstorm…….to individual free write drill.

You can do drills about answering arguments. Then…to pair share. Then to class participation–what did you learn–what was new?

This explains the pair share as an activity along with different versions to bring spice.…r/strats/think/

It probably helps to have one page of possible prompts for this (perhaps arguments that came out at camp or that you have to answer if running your particular affirmative)…..or a randomizer (ie pulling cards from a deck). The randomizer would be analogous to my 2nd grade teacher pulling words from a cup for our spelling tests.

Give them a subject or simple scenario…..and they provide insights, ideas, and answers.

You might also ask them as a second order question to prioritize the answers–which one is most defensible or which one can we create the best arguments for.

Ideally, this would spin off into creating actual blocks/frontlines……either during the last 5 to 7 minutes of the meeting……or perhaps as an activity to be completed by next week. Whatever works best for your team.


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