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November 13, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Questions for performative and critical affirmatives

If they run a critical aff/performative aff:
1. why vote aff? (this needs a follow up question to really isolate)
2. will you advocate the results of the plan? (if they don’t….this actually creates some severance of sorts on their part)
3. whats our ground?
4. if you don’t advocate the plan…..what exactly do you advocate? do you have a separate advocacy statement?

I think you could also make inroads on–the need for common terms… using extreme examples of not having a common language AS WELL AS how this applies to sports or boardgames. This will work depending on how experienced/knowledgeable the team is.

And….if you are counter-King…..and turning the case–some of that is probably unneccessary. Although it might cause them to spend a little more time on the argument in the 2ac. Maybe.


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