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November 13, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

New arguments in policy debate

Types of proof or argument as key. (poetry, song, voices of the oppressed, etc…) This has been done since 2003/2004 certainly….but more mainstream and more permutations
New theory arguments–one which more fully reflects what is actually is going on (particularly in the K area….there)
New ways to look at
Re-birth of the old.
I think there may be some possibility around the issue of opportunity cost which hasn’t fully been realized–perhaps.

New arguments in the activity have almost always been the result of:
1. New books
2. Looking at the old with new eyes.
3. Combination of philosophies & ideas (ie running multiple Ks in the same shell–there are various permutations of this as well)

Teams that go deeper in the evidence to draw out:
1. implication
2. interactivity with the other arguments (particularly the other sides arguments)
3. why it matters to the ballot or why it takes priority over your opponents argument


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