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November 3, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Different analytical thinking types of tools in argument and debate

1. Define/classify (division)
2. Unpack/clarify
3. Detail/clarify
4. Contrast/juxtaposition/articulate distinction
5. Comparison/Prioritization/ What matters? What matters most? What is of value? What is important to humans? What is ethical? What is our responsibility?
6. Associate/Connect
7. Context/Framing (baseline)
8. Spin/Characterization
9. Energy/Momentum (momentary event versus trend)
10. Causal chains (causal fallocies)/Warrants/History
11. Perspective/Bias
12. “Proof”/different types of argument/what constitutes an argument? a reason?
13. Perception & psychology

micro & macro….
systems theory….dominoes?
the political event/cause & effect
brainstorming & prototyping arguments
before….during…..after (?)

Comparisons to chess or football or other sports like baseball or basketball


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