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November 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Should negatives use sandbagging as a strategy in the 2NC?

Something that can’t be emphasized enough.

And you don’t get better at debate by sandbagging on a 1 to 9 ratio. You just push the debate into the smallest time. So arguments don’t ultimately get fully developed, depth and clash is lost.

This isn’t to say–don’t do it all. Just be wary about relying on it as your go to strategy. You are hamstring (restricting) your own development and progress as a debater.

Especially in novice you need to grow now….so you can soar like an eagle in varsity.

Besides: what types of arguments are they going to make?
1. Not specific to our aff
2. the USFG can solve. history proves.
3. the USFG can solve. our evidence says it can!!!! I promise!!!!!
4. silly arguments that are easy to answer

And in most cases they are making these arguments in the 1ar…without much time for you to answer. When you can destroy them in the block….if you read more stuff early on.

At best, a smart team will also read an add on (aka option #5)….but that probably relies on the same solvency mechanism and so links to the evidence just as much. Answering their add ons should be pretty predictable….plus you should have:
1. advantage answers
2. impact answers
3. optional: more solvency evidence to read
4. optional: explanations of how your disad impacts interacts with their impact (say for instance how federalism impacts you claim….interact with their impacts like economy & hegemony, etc…).

In general its helpful if this interactivity takes the forms of “disad turns the case” (another file that can be helpful). Not sure how many camps put it out. Usually one should do the trick, but you can figure out yourself logically how they interact.

At the very least…you might consider doing practice debates where you do this strategy (sandbag some) versus the sandbag as much as possible.


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