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October 25, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Getting ready to run the capitalism critique in debate–7 critical steps to winning with capitalism

1. Read every shell & every 2ac card from every camp.
• This is the foundation of what you will have to be able to answer to win debates on a semi-regular basis.
• For almost every answer they will read in the 2ac….you probably have 1 or 2 answers that your critique answers this back. This will save you a TON of time–and will put incredible pressure on the 1ar.
• Often the impact cards are phenomenal… you now have say a half dozen impact cards to choose from for your overall
• The alternative debate–this is key……figure out how you can advocate a slippery alternative…that won’t link to the impact turns OR will solve the impact turns.

2. Systematically look at the people on the High School wiki running the capitalism critique.

Mike Shakelford, who coaches in Utah and coached the #2 team at NFLs on the social services topic….as well as a number of deep elims & TOC qualifing team at Berkeley gave this lecture. Its 30 minutes long: (link)

Its a pretty basic intro.

More generally there are 5 core issues–this functions like a checklist:
• Theory/Framework
• Theory/Ks are cheating or PIKs are cheating or conditional alternatives is cheating or multiple conditional alternatives is cheating or performative contradiction
• Link turn
• impact turn (your alternative sucks OR capitalism rocks as well as Capitalism isn’t that bad)
• Permutation

Giving good overviews

******Doing this in the block is incredibly smart………….Generating links by using the rhetoric of their evidence to link to your already existing links or the ideas and assumptions of capitalism. You don’t necessarily have to read a ton of links…especially if you are running a. You can also generate links from their own evidence (competitiveness or economy advantages) & hege advantages (aka imperialism & militarism as a marxist would probably think about it–and they would think about the ideological hegemony of the entire affirmative–the way it says Americanness & free markets & grow, grow, grow). This also means the permutation is probably never going to solve….as long as you cross apply these to the perm & you are reading a plan inclusive alternative on your critique (also called a PIK).

You might also check out another K lecture OR someone executiing the capitalism critique in the context of a debate.

3. Have practice debates with yourself, your partner, or someone. This is one of the best ways to get better.

4. There are also probably 3 or 4 key articles you should read on Capitalism, as should become evident after you read the camp files.

5. Write frontlines. You might also combine the frontlines that came out of camp.

6. Figure out what you have problems with…..and talk with other people on the team.

7. File the frontlines in an expando file.


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