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October 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

More on beating project teams like Lousiville

My summary of common core arguments in non-traditional project affirmatives around race:

Traditional debate is wedded to white culture & norms
That is racism
Reject racism

We must uncover priviledge
Priviledge is racism

Rap can stop slavery, domination, & racism (despite dropping the N-word and advocating otherization and dehumanization and gang/drug culture.

Given that white culture & norms is “racist”
Minority voices key/voices at the bottom of the well key.
I don’t think its too far to assert that this amounts to affirmative action.

Translation: Vote for us because the resolution oppresses us & vote for us because we can tell stories of oppression (actually allowing rappers–who haven’t known real oppression for the last decade–to speak for us)

negating the resolution on the aff is no less predictable than negating as the negative…no matter what if you want to be a big boy you have to be prepared to be thrown off guard… finally strait up policy is just as unpredictable as any other non traditional style of debate

1. Resolutional doubling. (if you can do that….i should be able to do aff neg too……and agree with you if I want…..and still win)
2. Predictable links based on the direction of the rez. Not 180 degrees in the other direction.
3. Also what chaos said above.

quit being a racist.

Great argument & warrant PS. I think semi-predictable links are key to debate fairness. This is the reason plan-plan and performance-performance aren’t legit.

Well…apparently given their argument……you’re a racist too because you spread. Or run philosophy thats theory versus praxis or you don’t unpack your priviledge in the system via story or rap. How ’bout them apples?

You used logic & reason…racist.
You read left to right…racist.
You sound like an auctioneer….must be racist.
You eat and bathe in white culture…..must be a racist. (what is white culture exactly? I though we were a melting pot or a mosaic or tossed salad…)

And get some real hip-hop……not commodified BS thats sold 500,000+ and played on MTV. D & G would love that. Plus, its like a copy of a copy of a copy.


Dude. This is not affirmative action of opportunity (jobs or school admittance)…..its affirmative action of results. Privilege evidence from the less priviledged. Thats fundamentally a prejudice. Historical injustices in the past don’t make their evidence any more truer today.

There are alternative ways to enact more equal opportunity which don’t involve
1. coercion of the debate process
2. racism of results. The primary indictor you use for evidence is race and victimhood.
3. net-less truth. Do people of color know more than Pythagorous about math because the color of their skin or their incomes or their victim status? That analogy could go on & on–ad infinitum.
4. and if there is a problem with expertism, why are they quoting from the paradigm African americans–rather than people truly at the bottom of the well?. Your quoting from priviledge people within their own race–the elites. Priveledge evidence compared to what they could have gathered. If voices from the bottom are truly important–they should have gather true voices from the bottom. My average author makes $90k a year, while their average author makes in the millions or at least more than a professors salary. Moreover, they priviledge the values of entertainment over analysis. Entertainment hardly has a monopoly on truth–their intent isn’t to get truth–but to get paid. Call me crazy, I happen to prefer the insight of Jesse Jack son over Michael Jackson.

Last time I checked, it was white elites working with Martin Luther King that got stuff done–not turning the bus system on its head–putting the whites at the back. Somehow I don’ think Rosa would be on board with your strategy–Martin either–given his ideal of the beloved community–the coercive nature of this violates his principles for racial harmony. This is the strategy of scortched earth…..rather than creative problem-solving. Together we could come up with 100 possible strategies to move forward–versus one which risks.

If the means aren’t important–you turn into power politics–you are any means necessary–even if they undermine the goals you are trying to achieve & even if they alienate the moderates you need to get your agenda passed and adopted writ large in the culture.

And whats the lesson learned–using social victimhood is better than putting the hard work into work, the SAT, grades, etc… Because apparently all minorities are in a secret club in which they know more and know better than anyone else (and probably even themselves).

You can have dignity & racial pride without the politics of coersion.

Not to mention their assertions of the inability of African americans to compete don’t really hold up–when you have UDL teams beating elite private schools without “project affirmatives.” Plus you get to make this argument on the neg…..without making it on the aff.


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