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September 12, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Five Different US Competitiveness Impact Stories

Do you have a growth good file? Thats going to have the best impacts (or at least the biggest).

Also, figure out what hege impacts you should be reading–ie other than just your generic one you’re reading now.

Read Congressional testimony by our office of competitiveness or our task forces on competitiveness….this is usually card rich.

In the past these 5 stories I believe have all been run:
1. US trade deficit (= multiple impact scenarios)
2. protectionism (which is said to have caused WWII). this accesses free trade good too.
3. increase in softpower leadership….it was more framed in terms of cooperative leadership to solve rogues like Saddam.
4. trade agreements good/globalization good, etc…
5. perhaps country specific trade relations arguments (????). Trade leadership or free trade leadership

Also what industries are you increasing the competitiveness of…..that should give you more impacts.

My guess is use competitiveness as a way to access all the disad impacts the negs are reading. This is especially true in terms of. Read one way you get from competitveness to the disad impact. This is super, super strategic.

For instance they run states & federalism….figure out how you can get to something like federalism–or why competitiveness is the precondition for the balance or the perception of the balance.

The reason I say economy at the top is that allows you to go broader in terms of accessing their impacts. Plus ignoring the interactivity between the economy and competitiveness simply doesn’t make sense.
This sort of assumes you can box them out on the uniqueness debate–but that shouldn’t necessarily be super hard given the state of the US & global econ.

Let me be very, very clear…….because the US econ strat has its weaknesses–especially on this topic without being incredibly smart about things:
1. The most strategic is to chase down the impacts I talked about.
2. Second most is to go with growth….but be ready to roll on their scenarios that are growth related.

On the flip side….if you aren’t ready to roll on the economy this year on BOTH sides…….you are going to get flat out rocked…….to the core. So get on that….at least preparation & strategy wise.


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