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September 8, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Thinking about Try or Die Framing on the Affirmative or Negative

1. Extinction level impacts.
You solve extinction level impacts.

2. Answering parallel impacts
“There is (inevitable) large scale death that is coming in the status quo that only the affirmative can solve.”
(generally this assumes the same size impact….if there’s is bigger….I don’t see it as applicable)
It works best arguably when the impact story is similar (ie economy versus economy, hegemony versus hegemony, rights versus rights, or East asian war versus East asian war).

3. Answering case turns
You can also use it to answer things people label as case turns–that its try or die.

If you aren’t leveraging try or die… are missing out on a huge advantage–particularly on the affirmative.

How to deal with this affirmative advantage?

I believe that the negative can get around this challenge by doing one of the following 4 strategies:
1. counterplan
2. disad turns the case (with a high credibility/high risk disad)
3. owning some aspect of the case (absolute case turn, etc…)
4. counterplanning out of the impact via an advantage counterplan OR otherwise taking out the uniqueness of their story. Theoretically your disad uniqueness should do this. (aka economy ok now). But the specificity of their scenario may be enough to beat back uniqueness that is hyper generic or glosses over their specific scenario.

That is why having a counterplan and/or disad turns the case as part of every one of your neg. strategies is absolutely critical (assuming your aren’t just K-ing it up). Even in those cases, it ensures that both of your strategies have legs…..instead of just one.

Note: in all of the 4 ways above–the aff can still make the claim of try or die….you simply are in a better position to answer those claims. You should anticipate that EVERY 2AC & 2AR will include “try or die.”


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