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September 2, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How do you beat the Critical Katrina Affirmative on the Transportation Infrastructure Debate Topic

I also did a recut of the Katrina article, which focused on the government/Biopower link instead of the capitalism part. You can perhaps write a PIK based on that.

Also there are a number critiques of race or race politics…….OR you can impact turn neo-liberalism.

Or you could additionally indict whether their politics is able to get past neo-liberalism & capitalism (masking, rhetoric links, etc..). Race politics & multi-culturalism is capitalism. Or race politics prevents a capitalism focus. Or you are the crisis politics you indict.

Theres also the issue of racialized images of disasters.

Its not super helpful–but there are alternative explanations of why Katrina happened:
1. practical/logistics/execution/implementation (way in which it responded combined with FEMA is imperfect/doesn’t solve)….or Bush/White house just failed–it wasn’t about race. Or simple misjudgement about the nature & scope of the problem.
2. political
3. ideological (aka centralized government is the reason–presumably). Big government bad.

I think some in the GOP make a federalism argument (aka FEMA being centralized is the reason it failed). I think Bobby Jindal–the current governor of Louisiana–specifically may make this argument. The aff is pretty grounded in conspiracy theory (which don’t produce good and evidenced cause & effects scenario–they are usually speculation). So George Bush didn’t want the votes from New Orleans? You think he wanted to harm the economics of the south eastern region? Just because race was involved doesn’t mean that race is what caused the problem.

My guess is the government & FEMA did a post-event analysis to determine the problem. That analysis might be helpful.

Plus if the argument is the George Bush didn’t think that money was involved because they were poor–the solution seems to be highlighting the economic, free trade, and capitalism impacts more throughly–not abandoning those.

Plus the question of how do you reform the system or a broken ideology? Inside? Outside? ???????

Not sure this will help, but it might: http://en.wikipedia….rricane_Katrina


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