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August 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How do you answer science fiction performance affirmatives in policy debate

Why do they say the judge should vote affirmative?

Make your own sci fi story……There are plenty of sci fi stories which have a pessimistic or distopian theme/worldview.

Frankenstein comes to mind.
Brave New World comes to mind.

Distopiian literature:

50 distopian movies of all time:…es-of-all-time/

Here are some which stick out:
• 1984
• Farenheit 451
• Gattaca
• Robo Cop
• Minority Report
• Total Recall
• Matrix
• Blade Runner

Also, Judge Dredd.

Or you could turn a non-sci fi novel and set it in 2020 or 3030 or the same year their sci fi is set in. For instance, splicing in some Kafka.

I also recommend what I said earlier on post #6 on this thread. (see the cross ex thread here🙂

Mechanism: Representation/Performance/Literature
Terminal Impact: ???????

Think about it like a normal argument:
1. Counter-stories
2. Stories bad (cards and analytics)
3. Performance bad & Performance coopted (the coopted argument I think is difficult to frame if they say “try or die” or a similarly framed argument in my opinion)
4. Counter-performance that captures their net benefits with a DA (K) to their performance.
5. PIK. Exclude something they say or do. This usually resolves around the government, but can be other stuff too.
6. Critique of ethics

Critique their representation
Critique their method
Critique their way of framing the ballot

Sometimes reading more cards from their author or their worldview (aka link turns to the aff).


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