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July 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What is the concept of fiat in policy debate

Generally agree with the Hulk. Fiat means “let it be”–its imagining a world in which plan (or the counterplan) is passed.

However, fiat, in the context of normal means of plan passage does include process.

Normal means typically has a couple different
1. Normal means of plan passage
2. Normal means of plan funding
3. Normal means of plan enforcement (agency and method/model)

Each of these is a link to a potential disad or solvency argument.

It also serves as the link to 99% of process counterplans.

One interp of fiat which is key is the idea of “least restrictive means.” What does that mean? It means that the least amount of change to have plan passage.
So for instance, plan isn’t passed unanimously. Or for instance, on supreme court topic its a 5-4 decision versus a 9-0 decision.

This concept can enter into politics debates–but usually not.

Its probably also a reason that rollback arguments work as an argument–because you don’t infinitely fiat plan enactment–only once via plan passage.


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