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July 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Using Derridian erasure to answer language and representation critiques

Is there a difference between Spivakian erasure and Derridian erasure?

I don’t see how running spivak in the 2ac links to the aff. Admittedly, I just ran it as an analytic argument (and it was Derridian)–the warrant was historical.

I ran it on Terror Talk. I guess you could kind of read it on security discourse too. Although stuff would still link that was securitization, but not actual security in the aff.

You could also run it if you used the generic “he/man/humankind” or for instance sex instead of gender (ie the Valdez Heteronormativity K). You might be able to run it against essentialism bad/categories bad type arguments–if you erasured the word or identity in question.


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