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July 20, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

12 Counterplans to solve international crime and terrorism

1) Fix the CIA/FBI
2) Fix the border problem (lots of ways to do this).
3) Better agency coordination in terms of info sharing
4) Better EU/US cooperation (generically and argue spillover in relations helps crime/terrorism)
5) About 70% to 90% of ways to solve international crime–are also ways to solve terrorism (because terrorism is a subset of international crime). I would focus on the international crime literature base…..
6) Adopt international law or multilateralism………or anything that increases softpower. I’m sure there are specific mechanisms in the literature as well.
7) Or Fix homeland security or Fix ICE.
8) Fund Nunn/Lugar or Fix Nunn/Lugar…deals with international prolif & nuclear material in Russia. I think its pretty bipartisan (I’m not sure). It also solves international crime and prolif. However, it probably only solves it with respect to Russia.
9) Stop international money laundering or fix the way offshore accounts work. Not sure what this would involve–but it would be a way to cut off funding to crime & terrorism–as well as cutting off some of the ways they escape detection. Not sure who advocates this.
10) Counterplan to give money to X, Y, and/or Z program that doesn’t have enough money now to do their job & are empirically effective.
11) Fix the war on terror. Ban a particular part of the war on terror (ie roll it back). Ban the entire war on terror. Provide more funding to the effective parts of the war on terror.
12) Use the state department to better address the root causes of the war on terror (ie poverty in specific countries).

The question of avoiding politics is a question of which politics link are you trying to avoid.


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