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June 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Eight possible link scenarios for capitalism for the high school transportation topic.

There are at least 5 different capitalism link scenarios this year:
1) Transportation is the lifeblood of capitalism
2) Technology (and the assumptions & rhetoric of the aff) is the platform of capitalism
3) Highway repair/development/etc….leads to racist segregation, which creates the inner city (for the ends of capitalism)–it cuts those neighborhoods off from the city (ie highways become like walls)
4) Transportation = suburban capitalism (aka white flight & different ways of knowing & being than Eurocentic suburbs & various ethnic Balkanizations that suburbs create
5) Government subsidies create monopolization. Government subsidies create centralization & bureacratization. Government-private partnership = capitalism.

Here are three more types:
6) There may be other arguments around how highways organize space & order our lives in particular ways.
7) Also there is probably the Hardt & Negri Empire type link (which is probably similar to #1 but has more Foucault type flavor).
8) Transportation = tourism. Tourism = bad. (this can also be a representations argument)

Probably the best way to find out is to look at the files coming out of camp. There is a thread on Cross-x for those.

Each of the 8 I articulate is argubly a different version of the K–I would run a combination of at least 2 for a more nuanced take thats harder to link turn or permute–so its theoretically a stronger argument. The only way I would see them having a bit more ground–is that I think some of the different links may lock you into defending particular impact scenarios (ie racism or environment) more than others. And I use the word “lock in” a little too losely here–its just to say you’ve taken a different stance. I think its easy for them to run a racism link turn—and then sidestep with the ultimate impact of our argument is capitalism–thats not a link turn (unless of course you’ve impacted racism–even then the debate is probably a wash).

BTW, There is also the K going the other way–you destroy free market captialism by providing government subsidies–thats bad & distorts the market. (although this would usually be called socialism or coercion or libertarianism or objectivism). It will also likely have a link that transportation policy results in takings (ie when we need highways……it results in peoples property being stripped away from them without cause).
The identity of who these peeople are may also come into question–although usually capitalists don’t raise those sorts of questions.


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