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June 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How to evaluate an affirmative

The key determining factors in affirmative success
1. Ability to say US key (and answer key counterplans)
2. Ability to answer case arguments (or frame case debate easily)
3. Ability to answer disads specific to the aff
4. Ability to answer generic topic disads
5. Ability to have diverse add-ons
6. Ability to own/win a big impact area (ie economy/hegemony). This one is optional.
7. It has a trick which makes most of the arguments & literature irrelevant (i.e. makes most of the 1NC irrelevant)
8 “Reasonably topical”–ie its consistent with the rest of the topic literature from a topical standpoint.
9. Optional: its an under-researched or under-represented part of the topic. Or for instance it ideologically or otherwise goes against the direction of the topic.

1. Credibility of the aff. literature
2. Quality of warrants in the aff literature (as it relates to the advantage)
3. Credibility of the internal link (and shorter chains to impacts preferred)
4. Clear try or die story. (this is almost inevitable with most affs…however)

How to answer disads:
• Link turn
• Impact turn
• Add-on
• We solve the impact
• We outweigh/we subsume/we’re more credible
• Critique (not a very viable strategy in most cases)
• Link & impact defense

Filters for the affirmative:
1. Audience values (rhetorical & persuasive appeal)
2. Clarity


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