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May 19, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

6 ways to deal with politics and fiat

Here are 6 options–they need to be re-worded:
President must be involved due to minimalist interpretation of fiat. I remember something about fiat = least restrictive means and that would still require presidential action. Specifically it wouldn’t be unanimous voting in house and senate, but a narrow margin and the president passing it. (not sure where the theory is on this–but it makes pretty straightforward sense. By the way, we need a minimalist interpretation so that backlash & other solvency presses can be viable and it means that fiat doesn’t turn into a vast utopia–i.e. everyone in government passes it).
Spin on credit/blame and perception. Also, specific reasons to the resolution or the aff on why he would get credit/blame. (this can probably involve or not involve media and its framing of politics. At a minimum, media guarantees he has to take an up/down position on it.)
He would get involved for X reason (ie he has shown precent for interest & involvement with this issue).
Plan text says US federal government, they could have specified congress, but didn’t.
You might even have some spin about how if just an executive agency did it–he would still get credit/blame in the media. This also probably means that enforcement is politicized as well–which means he’s getting credit/blame–even in a world where Congress only passes it.
Read another link scenario which doesn’t involve presidential credit/blame, but deals with Congressional deal-making.
To me, the minimalist interp is a pretty decent arg. It helps to have at least a card which says “fiat = x”


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