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April 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Principles of Card Cutting

1. Create a symbols system (underlines, type of bracket, types of underline, ?, symbolic summary)
2. Read articles
3. Cut paragraphs and ideas–not just sentences.
4. Two types of cards–Tricks like the middle bracket

1. Reasons/Data
2. Detail/Specificity/Concreteness
3. Pre-empts & nuance

Metaphors & analogies.

Possible next lesson: types of proof…

Types of cards:
1. Access/Solvency/Links
2. Impacts
3. Risk assessment (likely, not likely)
4. Framing the debate (nuance)
5. Framing the ballot
6. Answers to the warrant/Answers to the author/Answers to the system of thinking (worldview)


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