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April 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

A second order discussion about the anthropocentrism critique

>>>>>What the Aff team has to do is create an ethically important reason to limit their focus to just humans.

I think once you win this–you win a break stop against the problems the neg. will throw at you.

>>>>>The desire for species differentiation is behind genocidal logic, slavery, and general biopolitics stuff.

Would you like some chicken medicine or some dog food?

What about your kids kindergarden teacher? Is it important the qualities of life they demonstrate? Some differences are morally relevant.

It is the case that any line (rationality, autonomy) seems fraught with problems. However, its less fraught with problems than no line at all. In the same way that the SAT & grades suck, but they are better than just guessing at who should get into the Ivy League.

Ignoring difference is (pretty much) just as bad–because it erases identity and we end up with a meaningless broth of normalcy.

I think you can make an argument that evolutionarily they are important distinctions. Not an argument I’m a fan of, but it might work.

When forced to choose 5 gerbils versus 5 humans (randomly picked from the population) I hope you pick right.
Also, from a utilitarian perspective this should be easy–because the humans have the chance to save more animals in the long run. (the later is perhaps to assert too much).

And back to the issue of the law of the jungle. Lets look at the same argument–just in a different frame. We’re humans. We’re animals. You can’t say any of our actions from washing our hair….to talking on a cell phone….is unnatural anymore than you can say the behavior of a dog or rat is unnatural. (ie this is a link takeout–and it takes out the underlying theory as well). Or not as a rationalization….but if the law of the jungle applies to animals, why not to humans? (their answer to this should be the answer to the first question)

You may want to read the original thread here.


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