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April 19, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

12 Tips for Going for Politics on the Negative

1. Issue specific uniqueness trumps generic po cap evidence
2. Running other impact stories out of their link stories.
3. Owning uniqueness–creating a uniqueness wall
4. Creating a link wall–with very nuanced & specific links
5. Disad turns the case
6. Be ready for an impact or link turn strategy (this is also how you can deal with parts of the aff you don’t solve with the counterplan)
7. Be familiar with counterplans that avoid the disad & solve affirmatives
8. Set your link up in cross examination. Run a spec argument if you have to in order to get your link.
9. Various strategic ways to dismiss so-called link turns and so-called impact turns.
10. Nuance and distinctions are generally your friend–if you are articulating them.
11. Use colored paper for your most important evidence.
12. Its helpful to have expandos (unless you are a pro with a laptop). You might just use the laptop for impact scenario extensions.


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